Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.26+5.27

  • Brutalisk Boss Battle: reworked the path the first Brutalisk takes and removed all random elements from it.
  • Small adjustments to main CP base terrain and structures.
  • War Funds and Imperial Funds: will now tick twice as frequent for half their values to make the income more consistent.
  • Aftermath: reduced amount of energy restored from 8% to 7% and clarified that it scales with the amount of kills you achieved.
  • Protoss Artifact CP Building Shields: increased the amount of shields granted to the primary Orbital Command and Bunkers.
  • Predator: has no longer access to several shield talents and War Funds. These talents will be replaced with new ones in an upcoming patch.
  • Fixed first Brutalisk getting stuck on the east base entrance.
  • Fixed leaderboard hero icon not being displayed when choosing a hero from the lobby pre-selection.
  • Some bosses had incorrect amounts of health that were higher than intended. Since boss health is now calculated differently by sc2,
  • New formulas have been applied which should result in values closer to the old ones.
  • Omegalisk Boss Battle: reduced the size of the area which triggers the Omegalisk boss in the south-eastern base.
  • Couple small bug fixes and improvements.

3 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 5.26+5.27”

  1. Great and all, I rather see some new heroes being added. After rank 25 there isn’t much content to level for. I see the game being hosted lesser than before.

    1. That is because Blizzard reset the community 3 times within 2 months. The map gets up in the top played every time, but obviously everytime somebody is lost because at least they think the game is dead. Luckily there are a lot of dedicated fans who never tire to create content around the map and play it everyday.

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