Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 6.2-6.5

  • Added 2 new talents to Predator.
  • Added 6 new talents to Fury.
  •  Overdrive: base energy cost 100->90.
  • Widow Mines will now show their attack cooldown instead of life duration as their progress bar.
  • Storm the Front: duration 30->20 seconds.
  • Statue of Heroes will now be always up to date with the online leaderboards.
  • Heroes of disconnect/left/kicked players will now be removed from the battlefield. This is an experimental change and I urge you to report any strange behaviours in games with leavers to me.
  • Fixed Allrounder Mastery not properly granting talent points (periodic part).
  • BFG: slight adjustments to how and how many BFG beams acquire their targets.
  • Fixed several masteries and talents not being reflected properly in their corresponding ability tooltips, most notably Adaptive Armor for Predator and Big Game Hunter for all heroes.
  • All heroes’ Inspire buttons will now clearly state their respective requirement which is needed to unlock it, e.g. “Battlefield Promotion Mastery” for Fury.
  • Fixed Fury shield regeneration delay resetting to 0 under certain circumstances.
  • Small talent hotfix for Fury.
  • Please note that Fury is still not eligible for hall of fame uploads. Expect this to be the case sometime this week (if all goes well).

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