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CP2 Patch Notes 6.20 – Pyro Early Testing Phase

Pyro is now available to the public for early testing. You can leave your feedback here.

  • New Hero: Pyro (EARLY PUBLIC TEST)
    Pyro has been made publically available for testing. Please be reminded that Pyro is still unbalanced, incomplete and has lots of features, images, masteries, talents and other things missing from him.
    It is a bit early for feedback but if you have any balance suggestions on your mind, please post them to /r/crappatrol.
    While Pyro is in test mode, you can not upload replays to the online leaderboards which had a Pyro on the team. Once Pyro is a bit more complete and feels somewhat balanced, the leaderboards and replays will be available with Pyro as usual.
  • Added new Talents for Nova, Predator, Tassadar, Fury and Anvil.
  • Field Medic: increased the amount of life regeneration granted by this Talent for Tychus only.
  • High Power Shells(Fury): You can now learn this talent 3 times (up from 2).
  • Fixed a bug where Weapons Cache would sometimes not trigger from picking up Power Cubes.
  • Unending Siege (Hellfire): bonus duration -60 seconds. The talent was too “make or break” and too powerful in comparison to others.
  • Hellfire Missile Battery: base duration +60 seconds to compensate for talent adjustment.
  • Frontal Assault Mastery(Swann): now also grants a moderate amount of shields to Satellite Uplink Towers.
  • Small tweaks to Swann’s talent ordering. Players should now see Bombardment and Missile Pods before some of the shields related talents.
  • The slowing debuff caused by Pierce the Veil Thunderstorms now has a proper icon and tooltip.
  • Personal Odins from the 3000 Kill Streak Bonus now have increased movement speed and profit from the Leadership Perk.
  • Reworded and fixed some tooltips.

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  1. ‘Fixes Pathing’

    In reality, means Siege tank can’t siege, and swan can’t build uplink turrets. Place a building on yourself? DED.

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