Crap Patrol 2 Development Update Americas

CP2 on Americas, Cheaters and Development Update

Crap Patrol 2 on Americas

tl;dr: Map is renamed to “CP2 Official” on NA. Stats will work. Blizz s*cks.

In the recent weeks, the map has unfortunately been pulled from the Americas gateway for unknown reasons. I have talked with multiple Gamemasters and released two threads on the official forums. However, nobody was able to help me. The best guess was that the map’s name doesn’t comply with Blizzards rather strict naming conventions on Americas.

The original map has now been reuploaded under a different name: “CP2 Official“. This has erased all playtimes, bookmarks, reviews etc but your stats will be preserved.

In order to avoid confusion, the map will probably be renamed to CP2 Official on all realms at some point.

If you want to partake in solving this issue, please bump both of the following threads on the official forums. Maybe we can finally get some attention for that problem:

Other CP2 Versions, Modders and Cheaters

tl;dr: Online Leaderboards will only accept official replays from now on.

Almost all maps on the Arcade are locked, meaning other people can’t see how they are done or even create their own versions of them. I think this is very selfish and destructive of most of the other mappers and thus I keep all my maps unlocked. Feel free to take a look at the code or even create your own spin-off version.

This has several advantages, like people being able to play the map while it was pulled offline, e.g. “Crapola Patrol”.

For obvious reasons, we can not accept replays from user-versions of the map in the online hall of fame. Whether you were just playing a different version or actively trying to gain an unfair advantage, please note that all replays from custom versions of the map have been pulled from the leaderboards. There is now also a system in place which automatically rejects replays which are not from official map versions.

New Hero and Development Update

tl;dr: No time. No moneys. No nerves. New Hero extra complex mechanics. Blizz support s*cks.

Unfortunately development is rather slow at the moment and the reasons for that are many. I have a full time job and live with my girlfriend and at the moment both need more attention, money and nerves than usual. As a result, I don’t have much time and nerves to work on the map. In addition, there is this sh!t going on right now with the offline map on the Americas servers which temporarily robbed me of all motivation. The interaction with the Blizzard support in this matter has been really frustrating and unfruitful so far.

The new hero Aquila is being delayed as a result of all of this plus she requires a lot more work than all previously released heroes due to her building structures and having lots of custom units etc.

Upcoming Features and Development Insight

Apart from the new commander hero Aquila, you can see most (maybe all) of the following changes in the upcoming weeks/months leading up to the release of Legacy of the Void. The map will be continued to being developed once Legacy of the Void has been released and I am thrilled to get my hands on all the new assets to put in more awesome models and abilities.

  • Rank-Squish: Ranks will become smaller and harder to obtain making them a more useful indicator of how well you do in CP2. Your stats will never be reset or deleted, only converted to a new system.
  • Inspire Rework: Rework of Inspire to work with more unit types, e.g. your own Nexus Exiles or troops from Support Drops.
  • New Players/Matchmaking: In order to improve new player experience and Mental matchmaking, Perks and Masteries will be partially auto-picked for you, if your Rank is too low. There might also be a separate game mode with harsh restrictions meant for serious Mental Timed Run attempts only. Rewording/renaming of all game modes to help new players select an appropriate mode.
  • GUI: Command line options for disabling certain interface elements and further reduction/reformatting of text messages spam.
  • Nova: Improvements to Nova’s early game to make her more viable in team games.
  • New Talents/Abilities: Expect to see more Talents being added to all heroes and possibly a new Mastery and Talents rework for Predator.
  • New Hero Firebat: medium range, semi-tanky, lots of damge over time effects, lots of FIRE. Firebat will have a similar role to Tychus, but a completely different playstlye.
  • Killstreak 3000 Bonus: THOR IS HERE!

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  1. Can you please make it so no one under, say, a 30 rank can play mental. People are just the worst during the day. I can never get a good game

    1. I can’t enforce restrictions in the lobby due to limitations of how works. The only other solution would be to kick people right at the start, but that is not a good solution either. It would cause you to have to remake lots of games.

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