Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 10.8 – Hellwalker Release and Bank File Update

  • New Game Mode: Hellwalker!
    A new extremely challenging difficulty has been added to the game. Hellwalker features a low random+high difficulty combo of new unique mechanics, enemy types, traps and boss fights. Hellwalker is designed to force you to rethink your old strategies and communicate with your team. The Protoss have abandoned you and the Hybrid General will counterattack everything you throw at him from the get-go. You are even allowed to get 4 Perks on Hellwalker, but that won’t save you. Muster your forces and bring your a-game. There will be no mercy for the weak, no guidance for the uninitiated, only Hell.
  • You can now upload Hellwalker mode replays to the online leaderboards:
  • The game will now save and show game wins based on the difficulty you are currently playing (old: just store mental wins).
  • When playing on Hellwalker difficulty you are no longer required to have a certain rank in order to pick heroes.
  • More additions and changes to Hellwalker mode: new traps, adjustments to previous mechanics, boss fight changes, bug fixes etc. I won’t list the changes here because that would spoil the fun of further exploring the mode (and increase your odds of surviving).
  • You now gain a small amount of bonus experience if you manage to kill a Flesheater while it is still airborne.
  • Nemesis are now classified as psionic instead of armored.
  • It is now harder to fill the bank files with false information.
  • Fixed Messiah’s Rally ability bugging out when players are defeated on Hard or Insane mode.

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