Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 10.4

  • You can now pick 4 Perks on Hellwalker difficulty.
  • Added a new Mastery for Anvil: Mobile Command Post Mastery. Grants a permanent banshee, increases vision range, increases combined assault duration and makes sieging/unsieging almost instant.
  • Anvil: base attack-range increased by ~1 in both modes.
  • Weapons Research Mastery(Anvil): slightly increased damage bonuses to auto-attacks and mjölnir protocol.
  • Mjölnir Protocol: base damage vs light units increased.
  • Lightweight Equipment Mastery(Anvil): improved the cooldown reduce for Mjölnir Protocol slightly.
  • Wrath of Thor Mastery(Anvil): no longer grants you a Talent point. Instead, it greatly increases Mjölnir Protocol damage.
  • Satellite Uplink Tower Mastery(Swann): now instantly buffs the damage and range of all towers withing range. No longer stacks with itself.
  • Frontal Assault Mastery(Swann): greatly increased the shield bonus to all towers. Shields for Swann unchanged.
  • Hellfire Missile Battery and Gatling Turret: base duration increased.
  • Staggered some unit spawns during Leviathan boss battle to reduce overall lag (Hellwalker difficulty only).
  • Moved the initial spawning position of all heroes (Hellwalker difficulty only).
  • Staggered the Mutalisk waves from the “highway hatchery” on Mental difficulty in order to reduce lag.
  • Fixed lobby hero selection not working on Hellwalker (hopefully).

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