Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.8

  • Ingame Multiboard has been redesigned. It now shows: damage score (without nuke damage), nuke damage score, tank score, combined score, current kill streak record, player rank, player deaths/lifes and player level.
  • Players will gain an additional Mastery poin at levels 85, 95 and 105.
  • Bonus minerals from surplus Talent points now reward ever increasing amounts of minerals. This and the change above should help players stuck in drawn out games to finish the map quicker.
  • Turtle Protocol Mastery (Anvil): has been removed from the game. An new Mastery will be added in an upcoming patch to replace it.
  • Ambush Protocol Mastery (Anvil): no longer requires Turtle Protocol Mastery nor Combined Score Unlock to learn.
  • Anvil can now learn Adaptive Armor, Emergency Kit and Adaptive Shields as regular Talents.
  • Tactical Waiting (Talent): has been removed from the game.
  • Resourcefulness (Talent): reworked: larger energy reduce for Snipe, smaller energy reduce for Displace. Can be learned 2 times.
  • Hunter Killer (Talent): no longer increases the movement speed while strafing, only removes the movement speed penalty.
  • Millisecond Targeting (Talent): damage modifier decreased from 20% -> 11%, but can be learned 2 times.
  • Picking up Artifacts advances Asgard Training Mastery by a large amount.
  • Full Metal Soldiers Mastery (Fury): increases max Iron Legion by +2 (old: +1).
  • Fury auto-attack damage increased: 30+1/level -> 35+1.2/level.
  • Iron Legion health scaling per hero level increased 1 -> 1.5.
  • Metalstorm: base damage bonus modifier increased 100% -> 150%.
  • Small terrain adjustments here and there.
  • Some artifacts have been moved to be in more accessible locations.

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