Archeage Beta Action Vol 2

Archeage 2nd Beta Event

Archeage Beta Events

The Archeage beta is finally upon us. For the second time now we have access to the closed beta servers and are able to enjoy the game in a much more advanced state. The second, currently ongoing, beta event will last until Monday, August 4th. The improved graphics look gorgeous and the game feels much more polished already.

Archeage Closed Beta Event 2
Archeage Closed Beta Event 2

Archeage Release Date

However, there is also bad news as in there is still no release date for an open beta or even a final release of Archeage. Speculations range from October 2014 up until the very end of 2015. Rest assured that if there is a glimmer of information about this subject, you will be reading about it on BMI.

Get into the Archeage Beta

Archeage Founders Packs Overview

If you don’t want to wait and join the fun already, you can gain access using a founder’s pack. They range from 45€ to 135€ including various pre-order bonuses. However, even the cheapest one coming at 44,99€ will grant you access to the closed beta immediately. I myself have ordered the 135€ Archeum Founder’s pack and have been enjoying the alpha and beta with a couple friends.

Even if you plan on playing solo, don’t worry: the servers are already densely populated. One might think that the high pay-wall is stopping people, but so far the opposite seems to be the case. Also note that Archeage will become free to play (F2P) once it has been released.

You can check out the founders’ packs here (no, I don’t get money from Trion Worlds) and buy your way into the alpha/beta. Trion worlds also said that they will dish out some beta keys via various social media channels. Maybe you are lucky and will be able to pick one up on their official facebook site.

Did you buy yourself into the beta already? Write us in the comment section below, which Founder’s pack you’ve got or why do you think it is too expensive.

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