Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.2 – New UI and Balance Changes


The new custom user interface has finally arrived and provides many improvements over the default SC2 interface.

  • Your hero’s health, shields and energy are always visible as big bars at the bottom center of the screen, even if you haven’t currently selected it.
  • A new passive submenu has been added which shows detailed information about additional passive abilities you have learned. This menu also displays your progress on important abilities such as Absorbtion Perk, Iron Man Mastery, Killer Instinct Mastery and similar skills.
  • Talents which can be learned multiple times will show their progress, e.g. Adaptive Armor with Compound Plates as Predator.
  • Another submenu will show you the tooltips of all your learned Masteries. Here you can read up on the Masteries’ exact tooltips even after you have learned them.
  • Your hero’s main abilities will now always be visible and you can issue commands to your hero even if it is currently not selected.
  • A small yellow bar shows you information about your current Massacre streak.

The new UI is far from finished and we will continue to upgrade its visual fidelity and functionality over time as well as add more  passive skills to the passives details tab.


The Nova Combat Drone exploit has been fixed and it is no longer physically possible to execute it. We have already removed dozens of replays from the online leaderboards and will continue to monitor the upload of old replays. For weeks the hall of fame had a built-in
security check to prevent uploads of replays in which the Nova combat drone exploit has been used. We actively encourage players to find and use crazy strategies to overcome higher difficulties. However, this was clearly a bug and as such has been removed from the game.


  • The number of bonus Talent points granted from surplus Mastery points has been increased to 4. This is mainly a buff to Onslaught Perk and Anvil. It should also help with ending extremely long games faster.
  • The Spine Crawlers protecting the first Brutalisk Hatchery are now much stronger on Oldschool mode.
  • Heatwave: autocast has been reenabled for this ability due to popular demand from the community.
  • Enemy spawning and rewards from picking up Artifacts has been completely reworked.
  • Fixed Tassadar being blocked by Hammer Securities and War Pigs.
  • Fixed or improved several tooltips.


  • Bio Implants Talent: energy max penalty has been greatly reduced and this talent is no longer available to Nova.
  • Thunderstorm: base search radius slightly increased.
  • Field Intel: is now a base tier talent.
  • Absorbtion Perk: the amount of energy regeneration granted per stack has been increased by 50%.
  • Weapons Research Mastery (Fury): increased the bonus damage to Fury’s auto-attacks.
  • Skyshield Protocol Mastery: no longer costs minerals to unlock.
  • Combat Drone Mastery: no longer costs minerals to unlock.
  • Toss Grenade: bonus damage vs structures doubled.
  • Flaming Betty: base duration increased by 15 seconds for both Tychus and Swann.
  • Satellite Uplink Mastery: the mineral cost of constructing uplink towers has been significantly reduced.
  • Hellfire Missile Batteries: base missile count increased to 5 (old: 4).
  • Combined Assault: greatly increased the area of this ability.
  • Major Anvil will start the game with an additional Mastery point on all modes and difficulties.
  • Tassadar base vision range increased.
  • Liberation: Liberator base damage and base bonus damage increased.

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One thought on “CP2 Patch Notes 9.2 – New UI and Balance Changes”

  1. Glad you finally updated CP2, tested it out for a bit, with Swann. Since I’m on a new computer, my information is all gone. So starting off from scratch. Anyways, for some reason, lightweight equipment mastery (the one that auto uses minerals to reduce cooldowns) doesn’t work. As in, I can see it in the passive menu, and it reads 0/20. And I’ve gained 5000 minerals during my time leveling up to level 20. Even then, I got a new mastery, but still LEM reads 0/20. I’m under the impression it’s a bug.

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