Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.28

  • New Talents have been added to the game:
  • Tychus: 1 new talent.
  • Swann: 1 new talent.
  • Nova: 1 new talent.
  • Predator: 3 new talents.
  • Anvil: 1 new talent.
  • Haywire Missiles Mastery (Swann): increased the amount of energy restored to 25-28.
  • Weapons Research Mastery (Swann): increased the bonus damage granted to Hellfire Missile Batteries and Swann’s anti-air attack.
  • Swann will no longer attempt to engage enemies on the ground with his melee attack which are far away. This should ease the control of this hero for newer players and was a long requested feature by the community. Air “agro” range stays the same.
  • Swann: increased base starting life pool by 10%.
  • Assault Protocol: is now a base tier Talent.
  • Rapid Construction: this talent has been removed from the game. The bonuses it provided are now woven into the respecitve abilities, i.e. you get the stats from this Talent from the get go without having to spend a point on it.
  • Hellfire Missile Battery: reduced base cooldown by 1 second.
  • Gatling Turret: reduced base cooldown by 1 second.
  • The personal Odin from the 3000 Kill Streak achievement is now invulnerable for 2 minutes when it first spawns and its location is shown on the minimap for all players.
  • Fixed a rare issue with Tank Score.
  • Improved some texts and hints.

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One thought on “CP2 Patch Notes 5.28”

  1. Hey, my friends and I are playing on Mental difficulty, and we’re seeing huge lag spikes whenever anyone dies. This often makes it so that we get a chain reaction, where when the framerate drops and large numbers of enemies spawn the whole team will wipe, and then the run will basically snowball into defeat pretty quickly.

    Is there anything we can be doing with settings to reduce the lag on death at Mental besides downgrading to Hard difficulty?

    On the flipside, I really like the new talents especially for Predator. I had been hoping that the retribution field would become more effective!

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