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Celebrating 1337 CP2 Replay Uploads

You Guys Are Awesome!

Today we celebrate 1337 uploads to the Hall of Fame, the CP2 online leaderboards. The recent release of Inferno mode has pushed over a hundred new replays to the site within just a week. I would like to celebrate this achievement with a small stats post for all you number loving people and honor the best players out there.

Current Record Holders

Here are the fastest runs for each mode and difficulty as of this post:

Mental Grouped

00:57:30 Fury [MinESP] DieHard  , Tassadar Mikey  , Predator andersen 

Mental Solo

01:02:21 Predator Helieros 

Insane Grouped

00:58:34 Predator Oleg  , Tassadar [MinESP] DieHard 

Insane Solo

01:03:48 Predator [FBK] Partisan 

Hard Grouped

00:44:43 Predator Oleg  , Tassadar [MinESP] DieHard 

Hard Solo

00:49:49 Predator Oleg 

Normal Grouped

Normal Solo

00:36:43 Predator Oleg 

Inferno Grouped

01:38:55 Nova Xirûrg  , Predator XecutriX  , Anvil [MinESP] DieHard  , Swann THERO 

Inferno Solo

02:14:23 Predator SzMaGuS 

Nuke World Record

283746 Zyzio  AnvilHard


Congratulations to all current record holders. I am anxious to see how far you can push the Inferno times. Inferno is not as rng-free and forgiving on solo as Mental, but I think it is balanced enough to allow for specific strategies and comparable times. Also I would like to thank Thenarden for his continued work on the online leaderboards and all of you guys for still playing my shitty map.


If you feel too rich and want to give something back we accept donations via a secure paypal connection. I will make sure to buy Thenarden and myself a coffee or beer from that. Big thanks to everyone who has donated already:
  • Stup 100€
  • Sajberjohan 50$
  • [HLD]Lexent 30$
  • Bartendalot 30$
  • JaycoBlue 25$
  • Anonymous 20$
  • GreyDeMonstr 15€
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If you wish to donate yourself, you can find out on how to do so here.

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