Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 7.3 – Zoom Function and Predator Mastery

  • New chat command: -zoom (short -z) Toggles between regular camera and a zoomed out perspective. Note that playing with high zoom will potentially reduce your fps.
  • New Predator Mastery: Booming Voice.
  • Bombardment Talent: Is now a single Talent which adds +6 range (old 3 times learnable, +4 range).
  • Hellfire Missile Battery: base attack range now scales with hero level.
  • Skyshield Protocol Mastery: now also grants insane bonus damage vs light.
  • Removed the camera pan over boss carcasses on lower difficulties. The healing and short invulnerability will still remain.
  • Fixed World Event rewards occasionally showing their text multiple times in multiplayer games.

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2 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 7.3 – Zoom Function and Predator Mastery”

  1. Any chance we could look at a dedicated builder hero next? I’ve got maybe a good 200+ hours ramped up in CP and if there is one thing that would make the game greater its having a player that can actually fortify spots, build spawners, focus on spending minerals on things, etc.

    1. This was the original plan for Aquila and there exist 5+ custom protoss buildings in the map and a custom resource soley for that purpose. However, it just didn’t work out. The map and especially the main base would have to be restructred in such a way that it would break more than it would help. This is why I decided against going with buildings, scrapped everything I did for Aquila in Spring and choose this route. Maybe in Crap Patrol 3.

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