Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 8.0 – Aquila Official Release

  • New Hero Release: Aquila!
    You can now play Aquila and upload replays. Should any major balance problems or bugs arise, some of the replays might be taken offline. I sincerely hope thou that this will not be the case. Enjoy.
  • Added a new Mastery for Aquila: Altruism.
  • Added several new Talents for Aquila.
  • All of Aquila’s abilities now show Talent bonuses in their tooltip.
  • Mothership Mastery(Aquila): optimized patrol path.
  • Void Tear Ability: base duration reduced to 18 (old: 20) seconds.
  • Second Wind Mastery(Aquila) additions:
    - This Mastery is no longer learnable if you select Onslaught Perk.
    - Increases Bond shield restore on herself.
    - Increases Aquila maximum shields.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Mastery(Aquila): In addition to its current effects now also spawns a permanent void ray hero for you.
  • Fixed Aquila’s weapon info card.
  • Minor tweaks to Aquila’s Talent succession rules.
  • Arsenal Mastery(Pyro): increased energy regeneration for Pyro slightly.

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