Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 6.11

Happy new year everyone. Here are some quality of life improvements to get you started into 2016. We are also celebrating 750 replay uploads to the online Hall of Fame. Thanks to everyone who has been with us so far and we hope to break 1000 replay uploads soon.

  • Final Base: The amount of Hybrid Dominators scattered around the Final Base is now normalized aka it is no longer possible to have an absurdly high (or low) amount of Hybrid Domintors in any playthrough.
  • The experience bar will now show your hero’s level and combined score instead of current level percentage.
  • Normal mode: players now start with slightly increased base life on normal difficulty.
  • Ascendance Mastery(Tassadar): should no longer incorrectly apply its buff to Widow Mines.
  • Emergency Kit: this ability will now show a floating combat text popup when triggered and apply a debuff on your hero indicating how long it is on cooldown.
  • The Talent ‘Omnipresent’ is no longer accessible by Tassadar as its bonuses are usually not needed.
  • Predator’s command card will now show Irradiate instead of Inspire.
  • CP Bunkers will now always house 2 Marines and 2 Marauders.
  • Several texts have been added/improved.
  • Small tweaks to Fury’s talent ordering.

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